Various Singles 2013​-​2015

by Anas Ibn Malek Abid



released December 22, 2015



all rights reserved


Anas Ibn Malek Abid Toulouse, France

Dark, Gloomy and tortured: This is how i would describe my universe.
Since forever i have been into maghrebian and pure arab music during my childhood, i do my best to mix my roots with metal music, even if i enjoy play strictly modern metal.

Therefore, i try to mix all of that in order to bring something new and fresh and build my own musical identity.
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Track Name: Samjna-Staring At The Sun ft Sofie Andréasson (2014)
Staring at the Sun
I don't wanna shun
My world's become None
And my hands are tied

Squandering all my hopes and dreams
For a one last night of pleasure and luxury
Burning inside all of my fears

Questionning myself once again
Looking up at the Sky, waiting in vain
I came to be unchained...

Save me (save me)
Take me (take me)
I know you're here

Why can't i find the strenght to built a new way
That would lead me to a quiet place, where i could be
Surrounded by eyeless angels...
They said, time will heal our deepest wounds
And erase our regrets, push us
To turn the page...
Then Once again
Questionning myself
(Once again)
I came to be unchained...
Track Name: Samjna-Take Me ft Sofie Andréasson (2015)
And i've been circling around...
And i've been looking for a sign
Somehow, everything seemed so blurry...
Eventhough, this path was enlightned...
You were my only guide....

Take Me...
Make Me Feel Alive
Catch Me, Before I Drown

In the Nothingness, i came to feel so safe
Meaningless, i am losing out my faith
Perfection, is the key to open that door within
A Thousand doors.

Ignore, the strenght of mind
Make all of us, blind.
Pushed away, source of the light
Our darker thoughts, we left behind.
Track Name: Irrational Process Mindless Perspective (Exclusive Single) 2015